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The Problem
We Face

Sekura Analytics was founded with the spirit of rejecting the status quo. What drives us is that an alarming number of school bus companies in New Jersey and across the country are non-compliant with state and federal regulations for school transportation. This endangers children and public tax dollars. We believe this is unacceptable and are driven to change the industry for the better.


NJ Motor Vehicle Commission oversees school bus companies and their compliance with the law. NJMVC is only responsible for performing roughly 100* unscheduled school bus audits each year. Given the volume of school bus transportation in NJ, 100 unannounced audits across the entire state are not enough to oversee:

  • ​2,516 Public / Charter Schools
  • 1,300 Registered School Bus Operators (approximately)
  • 1.37 Million Students Grades k - 12
  • 23,000 Registered School Buses
*Davis, M. (2020, October 7). ‘Rogue’ NJ school bus operators dodging laws could put your kids in danger. Here’s how. Asbury Park Press. Retrieved from http://

School Bus

0.2%* of NJMVC's school bus audits are unannounced. In 2019 these audits resulted in 946 violations and court summonses to school bus drivers and their employers. These audits accounted for 86%* of all audit violations for 2019.

Unannounced school bus audits conducted by NJMVC average 8* violations and court summonses per audit.

*Davis, M. (2020, October 7). ‘Rogue’ NJ school bus operators dodging laws could put your kids in danger. Here’s how. Asbury Park Press. Retrieved from http://


NJMVC only audits driver qualifications and vehicle information. MVC is unable to audit:

  • Individual IEP Requirements Particular To The Student
  • District Transportation Requirements
  • Regional Transportation Requirements


NJMVC unannounced audits take place either in the morning or the afternoon at a specific school. Therefore, the school bus transporting students in the morning may not be the same school bus and staff in the afternoon. Over the course of an academic school year, 100 unannounced inspections by NJ MVC per year only account for a 0.011%** audit coverage for school bus trips.

**0.011%= 100 unannounced audits / (180 academic school days * 2 trips AM/PM * 2,516 NJ schools
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What We Do

Sekura, is an online auditing platform that provides school bus contractor oversight and accountability services for school districts and administrators. We connect local Board of Education administrators, regional transportation coordinators, and onsite school administrators on our platform to systematically audit school bus contractors throughout the school year.

Scheduled & On Demand School Bus Audits

Our platform provides school district administrators, and their network of in/out of district schools, the tools to monitor school transportation contract compliance. Audits can be performed on a randomized schedule as well as on-demand.

The on-demand portion of our software allows schools the ability to record problems when they occur in the field as they happened. Such as: late school buses, questionable bus operator, suspicious vehicle, emergency evacuation drills, and more.

Transportation Requirements

Not only are our audits able to inspect the credentials and accuracy of the school bus and staff, but our platform also audits the individual transportation requirements specific to the student (if applicable).

Archived Record Keeping

Archived database of transportation audits for school districts and administrators in case of legal or financial issues related to transportation.

Ensure that your school bus operators are honoring their contractual obligations throughout the school year.

If problems do occur during a school bus audit, stakeholders are notified right away and the audit is archived.

Fast Tools

Audits are performed using a mobile device with internet access and a mobile web browser. The average length of time to perform a full school bus audit is approximately 3 minutes.

Why We Do It?

Our team at Sekura Analytics has over 40 years of experience and knowledge in private school bussing in NJ. During this time we have noticed the decline in quality of school busing in NJ and the emergence of countless “bad actors” in the industry. Without adequate compliance and accountability systems in place to oversee the school bus industry, these "bad actors" who do not follow transportation laws are not held accountable and endanger students.

This atmosphere has fueled us to create improve our industry and to imagine a safer future for our children.

Built for school administrators, by school bus operators.
We are currently onboarding municipal school districts, regional transportation cooperatives, and private schools to fix NJ's school bus transportation crisis.
Let's build safe & reliable transportation for our children.
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